From case studies for science education to issues of science and media literacy

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Gábor Á. Zemplén - ELTE-Eötvos Loránd Univ. Budapest, Hungary
Acesso pelo YouTube: The talk will address three interrelated topics: the use of historical case studies, the development of module content, and some of the changing responsibilities for science education. In the first part I will outline some historical (and philosophical) analysis of case studies from optics and the study of sight and vision. (Newton’s theory of light, the Moon Illusion and Molyneux’s problem), after which I will discuss some lessons from developing module content for ‘nature of science’ (argumentation, social aspects of NOS, and science communication). Finally I will address new challenges to contemporary science and media literacy. I will address some issues I have also written about: The contribution of laboratory studies, science studies and Science and Technology Studies (STS) to the understanding of scientific communication In: Leßmöllmann, Annette; Dascal, Marcelo; Gloning, Thomas (szerk.) Science Communication. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter (2019) pp. 123-142. , 20 p. DOI Allchin, Douglas ; Zemplén, Gábor Á. Finding the place of argumentation in science education: Epistemics and Whole Science. Science Education 104 : 5 pp. 907-933. , 27 p. (2020) DOI WoS
terça-feira, 30 Novembro, 2021 - 16:00