Artigo de docente do IFUSP/FMT é aceito para publicação no Physical Review Letters

"Ultrafast light switching of ferromagnetism is EuSe"

A. B. Henriques, H. Gratens, P. A. Usachev, V. A. Chitta, e G. Springholz

Accepted 27 April 2018

We demonstrate that light resonant with the bandgap forces the antiferromagnetic semiconductor EuSe to enter ferromagnetic alignment in the picosecond time scale. A photon generates an electron-hole pair, whose electron forms a supergiant spin polaron of magnetic moment of nearly 6,000 Bohr magnetons. By increasing the light intensity, the whole of the illuminated region can be fully magnetized. The key to the novel large photoinduced magnetization mechanism is the huge enhancement of the magnetic susceptibility when both antiferromagnetic and ferromagnetic interactions are present in the material, and are of nearly equal magnitude, as is the case in EuSe.