Laboratório Aberto de Física Nuclear - LAFN
Board of Directors
It defines the scientific guidelines and budget proposal for the National Laboratory, indicates the Director of the Laboratory and oversees compliance with the proposed guidelines. Comprised of representatives of the bodies responsible for the budget (development agencies and possibly private companies) and 3 or 4 nuclear physicists nominated by the community.
Status in the Open Laboratory: The appointment of the Director will be made by the Council of the Department of Nuclear Physics.
Laboratory Director
It directs the Laboratory  following the guidelines defined by the higher council. Administers the budget applying the guidelines defined by the Board of Directors. The Director must be appointed by the Board of Directors from a list defined by the User committee.
Situation in the Open Laboratory: Indicated by the Department Council, with a mandate of 2 (two) years, allowed for a renewal or until the implementation of the National Laboratory.
Program Advisory Committee
Advises the Director analyzing the research projects regarding scientific merit and duration (beam time). It is emphasized that only approved projects can use the facilities of the laboratory. It should consist of five researchers: two appointed by the Director (one of whom is a researcher outside the Institution), two by the Users Committee and one chosen by the Council of the DFN-IFUSP. The term of office of the PAC members shall be 3 (three) years, except for the researcher outside the Institution, whose name shall be indicated by the Director for each meeting of the Committee.
User Committee
The user committee will be composed of all graduated researchers in the participant list of the approved projects by the PAC over the last four years and explicitly state their renewed on a biennial basis, including a list drawn up by the Director annually and approved by the DFN-IFUSP Board.
Technical coordinator
Coordinates the technical staff of the laboratory.
Members of the governing bodies of the Nuclear Physics Open Laboratory
                     (Mandate: 08/03/2017 to 07/03/2019)
     Vice-director: Prof. Dr. Leandro R Gasques
     Liason ResearcherProfª. Drª. Kelly C Cezaretto Pires
     Program Advisory Committee:
         Alinka Lepine-Szily ( IFUSP )
         Brett Carlson ( ITA )
         Manfredo Tabacniks ( IFUSP )
         Marcelo Munhoz ( IFUSP ) - ( substitute member )
         Nemitala Added ( IFUSP )
         Roberto Vicençotto Ribas ( IFUSP )
    User Committee:  (Mandate: 09/06/17 to 08/06/19)
       Prof. Dr. Rubens Lichtenthaler Filho - President
        All laboratory users in the last four years.
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