Laboratório Aberto de Física Nuclear - LAFN


Submission Procedure rules


The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of the Nuclear Physics Open Laboratory (LAFN) of the Universidade de São Paulo  will select experiments to be performed with the São Paulo Pelletron 8UD accelerator during the nex period.

The proposals must be sent to the Nuclear Physics Department Secretariat 


The proposals must present the following documents:

1) Standard Form: File available in the site, including information about project (title of the proposal, the experimental setup for which the proposed experiment, the name(s) of the spokesperson(s), the list of all the authors and their affiliation, beams, etc) . Choose below.

2) Research Project: The document should include the scientific motivation of the experiment, technical details of the proposed measurement - i.e. the description of the instrumentation needed, quantities to be measured and related precision - and the number of days of beam time requested based on count-rate estimates. The body of the proposal has to be limited to a maximum of 4 pages (12pt fonts) - tables, figures and references included. 

3) Previous information project: Where applicable, a brief summary of the status if any experiment performed in previous periods is expected to be reported (problems, results, publications).  A specific form for these cases will be available in the site. Choose below.

There will be no formal presentations by the proposal spokesperson. Nevertheless, the spokesperson should be available to be contacted by the PAC members to solve doubts about the proposal. The idea is to use several ways to contact the spoke persons: cell phone, telephone, e-mail, and Skype to avoid costs with transportation for the users.

PAC memberships 

Alinka Lepine-Szily  (IFUSP) 

Enio Frota da Silveira (PUC-RJ)
Manfredo Tabacniks (IFUSP) 

Nemitala Added (IFUSP) 

Roberto Vicençotto Ribas (IFUSP)