Lines of Research and Advisors

At the University of São Paulo Physics Institute, graduate students must have an advisor to give guidance to their program of studies and research. Exceptionally, international applicants or Brazilian applicants who are not from USP can enroll for the first time without having an advisor, but must then find an advisor within 120 days, or they may be dismissed from the program. 

In order to find an advisor, contact the professors from the IFUSP Graduate Program  who research your area of interest (see the list of lines of research below). Contact can be made by email. Please send your curriculum vitae, inform your research interests, and, if possible, attach letters of recommendation.

More information about the IFUSP lines of research is also available on

It is advisable that students start making personal contact with their prospective advisors AT LEAST SIX MONTHS BEFORE THE STIPULATED DATE for the beginning of the program.

Students who are already registered and are facing difficulties to find an advisor, or even to make a decision about their research area, should contact the Graduate Committee.

Applied Physics
Atmospheric Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Biophysics and Medical Physics
Classical Optics and Holography
Complex Systems
Cosmology and Gravitation
Dynamical Systems
Electron Microscopy
Elementary Particle Physics
Field Theory
Material Physics
Mathematical Physics
Molecular Modeling
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Nuclear Physics
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing
Statistical Mechanics
String Theory