Qualifying examination

Master's students:
There are no qualifying examinations for the Master's students.

Doctoral studies:

(a) Deadlines:

Information for students enrolled under the new Statute (students who had their first enrollment from July 2009 on or who chose to be under the new Statute): PhD candidates are required to take the qualifying examination within 36 months of the first enrollment. Direct PhD students are required to take the qualifying examination within 43 months of the first enrollment. This deadline CANNOT BE POSTPONED. For more information, please contact the Graduate Studies Office.

(b) Other requirements:

For applying to take the qualifying examination, the minimum required credits in mandatory courses correspond to 15. Students who are not approved in the qualifying examination can take it just once again within 6 months of the first qualifying examination date. Students must deliver their monograph at the Graduate Studies Office 90 days before the qualifying examination deadline. The monograph should present and discuss the research project, the results obtained by that time, and the expected results. Students are expected to be able to describe and explain their research project clearly, discussing how it is relevant to their research area, what has already been done, what still needs to be done, and the methodology they intend to use to fulfill their proposal.

For more information, please check the Regulations of the Graduate Program in Physics (IFUSP) or contact the Graduate Studies Office.