Statistical Mechanics

ALENCAR, Adriano Mesquita
Laboratory of Cell Rheology
The core of our group's research activities is in the application of principles of physics, especially of statistical mechanics, to medicine and physiology, in the experimental as well as theoretical points of view. Our laboratory work is focused on mechanical measurements in live cells and in complex fluids, such as surfactants.


CATICHA, Nestor Felipe

Theory of information and interaction of information processing agents. Development and analysis of learning algorithms. Performance limits. With applications in: 1.  Modeling of opinion dynamics in societies; 2. Evolutionary dynamics; 3. Modeling of biological neural networks, and peripheral sensory systems; 4. Data processing in applications to functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).



CARNEIRO, Carlos Eugênio I.

    In recent years, I have dedicated my studies to alternative methods of renormalization in field theory. At the same time, I have also worked on the development of cluster algorithms for the study of spin systems. The dynamics of these algorithms enables to, among other things, eliminate hysteresis effects in first-order phase transitions.



CASTRO, Tânia Tomé Martins de

    Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and stochastic dynamics. Topics of investigation:
(a) Non-equilibrium phase transitions;
(b) Generation of entropy in Markov processes.
(c) Stochastic and spatially structured models for describing systems of biological interest.





    Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics of physicochemical systems and systems of biological interest (hydrophobic effect, aggregation, proteins and membranes). Analytical treatment and numerical simulation of minimal models.



MARCHETTI, Domingos Humberto Urbano
Models of statistical mechanics, disorganized systems, Lee-Yang zeros, renormalization groups, dynamics of Lee-Yang zeros, dynamics in hierarchical models, partial differential equations of evolution, Mayer series via differential equations, dimmers  – vertices and pfaffians, renormalization group dynamics of fermions, random matrices, sparse Jacobi matrices, Hausdovff dimension, Fouriev dimension of spectral measures, dynamics of conformal mapping, conformal invariance, and universality.



OLIVEIRA, Mário José de
Statistical mechanics of systems described via Gibbs distribution and systems described via master equations: a)  phase transitions and critical phenomena, b) spin systems with stochastic dynamics; c) numerical simulations by the Monte Carlo method.




PRADO, Carmen Pimentel Cintra do

    Nonlinear dynamical systems, complex systems and interdisciplinary applications for statistical mechanics. Numerical modeling and simulation.



SALINAS, Silvio R.A.

   Phase transitions and critical phenomena. Disordered systems.



VIEIRA, André de Pinho

    Research involving statistic physics of disorganized systems, with an emphasis on models for magnetic systems and liquid crystals, and the theoretic study of crack propagation in disorganized systems.



YOKOI, Carlos S. O.

(a) Disorganized Systems;
(b) Spin Glasses;
(c) Random Fields;