Seminário do grupo de Física Estatística

08/05/2019 - 14:00
Dimitrios Voliotis, IFSC, USP
Sala 2061 (antiga 201) - Ala 1 - Sala de Seminários
Seminário do grupo de Física Estatística

Title: Multifractality in aperiodic quantum spin chains

Palestrante: Dimitrios Voliotis, IFSC, USP
Local: Sala 2061 (antiga 201) -  Ala 1 - Sala de Seminários
Data: 08 de maio, quarta-feira às 14h00 

Recently has been investigated that the ground-state wavefunction ofthe one dimensional quantum spin-1/2 chain models is multifractal in general with non-trivial fractal dimension. We are studying this phenomena for the quantum Ising chain with aperiodic perturbation. By performing a block real-space renormalization approach we obtain the ground-state wave function and we extract the generalized multifractal dimension and the multifractal spectrum. For a spin chain with negative wandering exponent the multifractal quantities have the same behavior with the unperturbed chain while for vanishing wandering exponent are dependent on the coupling ratio. For spin chain with positive wandering exponent, the multifractal quantities present a different non-linear behavior. Finally, we present some preliminary results of constructing the multifractal quantities with the same block renormalization scheme for the excited-state wave function as well as for a chain with long-range interac!