1-point lensing statistics in cosmology

terça-feira, 6 Março, 2018 - 11:00
Prof. Miguel Quartin, UFRJ

Lensing in cosmology is usually discussed in terms of the Cosmic Shear, a 2-point correlation statistic. The lensing probability distribution functions (PDF) of convergence, shear and magnification, on the other hand, carry extra information which can be recovered in a different way. I will discuss some challenges in extracting this signal, which requires an accurate modelling of the cosmological dependence of the PDFs. I will focus on the effect of baryons, computed using the Magneticum suite of simulations, which have a significant impact on the high magnification and high convergence regions of the PDFs. I will also discuss how the angular resolution of the observations must be taken into account when modelling the PDFs.

Local: Sala Jayme Tiomno

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