Flavourful roads to New Physics

segunda-feira, 27 Agosto, 2018 - 11:00
Dr. Rafael Silva Coutinho (University of Zurich)

The family of decays mediated by b -> sl+l- transitions provide a rich laboratory to search for effects of physics beyond the Standard Model. In recent years LHCb has found hints of deviations from theoretical predictions both in the rates and angular distributions of such processes. In addition, hints of lepton flavour non-universality have been seen when comparing B+ -> K+ mu+mu- and B+ -> K+ e+e- decay rates, with the so-called RK ratio. Similar observables in different decays, such as RK* = BR(B0 -> K*0mu+mu-)/BR(B0->K*0e+e-), have recently become available and indicate the same anomalous pattern. In this talk, an overview of the latest results in this sector and further avenues to test the effectiveness of lepton flavour universality will be presented.

Local: Sala Jayme Tiomno