The observer-dependence of the Hubble parameter: a covariant perspective | Colóquio DFMA

quarta-feira, 29 Novembro, 2023 - 16:00 até 17:00
Dra. Jessica Santiago

Resumo: Given the exponential growth on the upcoming supernovae data available, the possibilities of rigorously testing the cosmological principle becomes ever more real. One of the ways to do so is by measuring the multipole decomposition of the Hubble and deceleration parameters. In this presentation, I will discuss the observational-theoretical approach, initially introduced by Kristian & Sachs, which allows for the interpretation of data in non-homogeneous and anisotropic universes. I will also explore the effects introduced by the relative motion between the observer and the reference frame defined by galaxies (the matter frame), demonstrating that the luminosity distance should be corrected in such cases.

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