Quantum Mechanics Without Wavefunctions

06/02/2018 - 10:00
Prof. Bill Poirier (Texas Tech University)

This talk addresses a new formulation of quantum mechanics in which the wavefunction Ψ(t, x) is discarded entirely. Instead, the quantum state is represented as an ensemble of quantum trajectories x(t, C), or “worlds.” Each of these worlds has well-defined real- valued particle positions and momenta, and is thereby classical-like. Unlike a classical ensemble, however, nearby trajectories/worlds can interact with each other dynamically, giving rise to quantum effects. Moreover, x(t, C) satisfies a trajectory-based action principle, which allows quantum theory (via the Euler-Lagrange equation and Noether’s theorem) to be placed on the same footing as classical theories. In this manner, a straightforward relativistic generalization can be obtained. These and other developments, e.g. for many dimensions, multiple particles, and spin, may also be discussed.

(Local: Sala Jayme Tiomno)