What can we learn from the full (three-dimensional) kinematic dipole? | Colóquios DFMA

sexta-feira, 10 Novembro, 2023 - 16:00 até 17:00
Dra. Caroline Guandalin

Resumo: Recent studies of our motion with respect to the distribution of matter on large scales have found discrepancies in our peculiar velocity with respect to results obtained from the cosmic microwave background (CMB). These findings raise questions about the Cosmological Principle, a fundamental concept that suggests our velocity should be the same in both the CMB and matter reference frames. In this talk, I will explore the quasar luminosity function (QLF), which describes how quasars are distributed in terms of distance and brightness, and how different QLF models impact the strength of the kinematic dipole. I will also discuss how ignoring the dipole evolution over time leads to different results for our peculiar velocity. Finally, I will explain how this time evolution may provide opportunities to constrain cosmological parameters, with a particular focus on dark energy.

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