♦  The number of vacancies is not predetermined. All applicants who meet the requirements are accepted to the Program.

♦  Applicants must have received a Bachelor's Degree or be in the last term of an undergraduate program in order to be able to participate in the admission process. 

♦  For acceptance to the IFUSP Graduate Program in Physics, a passing grade in the EUF (a unified entrance examination for graduate programs in Physics) is required.  The examination takes place every six months, usually around April (1st semester) and October (2nd semester) and must be taken about six months prior to registration. Applicants must be attentive to the dates, since the exam registration must be completed in advance. Exams taken in previous semesters may be accepted under certain conditions. Detailed information about the use of previous EUF grades can be obtained at the IFUSP Graduate Studies Office.

♦  In order to be able to continue in the Program, students must have an advisor and have their research project accepted by the CPG (Graduate Committee). Students are responsible for finding an advisor who is registered in the Program and preparing a research project working closely with him/her. Notice that, depending on the semester, there may not be available advisors in all areas of research.

♦  Applicants must also complete the Program online application form on the dates defined by the CPG current year calendar (usually in April/May and October/November). The necessary application documents are listed in the item dates and deadlines.

♦  The period of definite enrollment occurs in the beginning of the semester (normally in late January/February and in June/early July), according to the University's Calendar. Students must enroll personally at the Graduate Studies Office. The documents required for enrollment are also listed in the item dates and deadlines.

♦  Exceptionally, international applicants or Brazilian applicants who are not from USP can enroll for the first time without having an advisor, but must then find an advisor within 120 days, or they may be dismissed from the program.

More information can be obtained in the following links:

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USP Graduate Studies Statute

Regulations of the Graduate Program in Physics (IFUSP)

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Or contact the Graduate Studies Office.