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M. V. A. P. HELLER, Brasilio, Z. A., and Caldas, I. L., Wavelet between Fluctuating Electric and Magnetic Fields in the Tokamak TBR, Proc. of the Meeting on Role of Electric Fields in Plasma Confinement and Exhaust (Praha, 1998), Czech. J. Phys., vol. 48/S3, pp. 125-128, 1998.
V. A. P. Heller, Brasilio, A., Caldas, I. L., and Castro, R. M., Wavelet Correlation between Electrostatic and Magnetic Plasma Oscillations in the Tokamak TBR, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, vol. 68, no. 5, pp. 1585 - 1591, 1999. (4.45 MB)
M. C. de Sousa, Doveil, F., Elskens, Y., and Caldas, I. L., Wave–particle interactions in a long traveling wave tube with upgraded helix, Physics of Plasmas, vol. 27, no. 9, p. 093108, 2020. (2.51 MB)