Workshop 2022

Mini-Workshop on Applied Dynamical Systems

3rd and 4th of August, 2022

Institute of Physics, University of São Paulo  (IF-USP)

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to introduce the Applied Dynamical Systems mini-workshop of the Oscillations Control Group, organized by Prof. Iberê Caldas and Prof. Ricardo Viana. Our idea is to share research interests and results on non-linear dynamics, chaos and applications in the form of several oral presentations over two days (August 3rd and 4th), from 9:30 to 17:30.

The workshop will take place at the Adma Jafet Auditorium in the Applied Physics Department (Basílio Jafet -

Please find the program and the list of abstracts (attached) below:

1st day 03/08/2022
9:30 hs
Ricardo Luiz Viana
9:40 hs
Chair: Kelly Iarosz
10:00 hs
Lecture 1
Yves Elskens
Wave-particle interaction in a traveling wave tube
10:40 hs
Oral Com. 1
Matheus Jean Lazarotto
Chaotic dynamics in periodic potentials
11:00 hs
Oral Com. 2
Rodrigo Simile Baroni
A route for the destruction and resurgence of the
quasiperiodic shearless attractor
11:20 hs
Oral Com. 3
Gabriel Cardoso Grime
Shearless bifurcations in particle transport for
reversed shear tokamaks
11:40 hs
Oral Com. 4
Leonardo Costa de Souza
Fractal structures in the drift motion of particle in tokamaks
12:00 hs
Chair: Ricardo Egydio
13:30 hs
Lecture 2
Gustavo Paganini Canal
The development of an advanced set of ELM control coils for TCABR
14:10 hs
Oral Com. 5
Felipe M. Salvador
Conceptual design and optimization of RMP coils for the TCABR Tokamak
14:30 hs
Oral Com. 6
Martim Zurita
Analyzing the dynamical nature of plasma turbulence through the lens
of stochastic modeling, complexity, and entropy
14:50 hs
Oral Com. 7
Arnold Alonso Alvarez
Wavelet spectral analysis for extreme events in Texas Helimak
15:10 hs
Coffee break
15:30 hs
Oral Com. 8
Luis Fernando B. de Souza
Transport barriers for two modes drift wave map
15:50 hs
Oral Com. 9
Marcos Vinícius de Moraes
Transport barrier in non-twist maps
16:10 hs
Oral Com. 10
Matheus Palmero Silva
Recurrence plots and change-point analysis of chaotic transient orbits
16:30 hs
Oral Com. 11
Joelson D. Veloso Hermes
Break-up of invariant curves in the Fermi-Ulam model
16:50 hs
Oral Com. 12
Bruno Borges Leal
Ullmann map and bifurcations
17:10 hs
Oral Com. 13
Pedro Haerter Neto
Synchronization of oscillators coupled by a diffusive
substance to different geometries

2nd day 04/08/2022
9:30 hs
    Chair: Francisco Silveira  
10:00 hs Lecture 3 Gisele Akemi Oda Synchronization of Multi-Oscillator Biological Clocks
10:40 hs
Oral Com. 14
Sílvio Luís Thomaz de Souza
Nonlinear dynamics of a memristor-based circuit
11:00 hs
Oral Com. 15
Michele Mugnaine
Dynamics of nontwist maps
11:20 hs
Oral Com. 16
André Farinha Bósio
Drift Wave Induced Particle Transport in TCABR
11:40 hs
Chair: Antônio Marcos Batista
13:30 hs
Oral Com. 17
José Danilo Szezech Jr.
Total attenuation of control measures for epidemic communities
modeled by cellular automata
13:50 hs
Oral Com. 18
Kelly Iarosz
Data science... are we data scientists now?
14:10 hs
Oral Com. 19
Adriane da Silva Reis
Controlling synchronization in clustered scale-free neuronal networks
14:30 hs
Oral Com. 20
Eduardo Luis Brugnago
Covariant Lyapunov vectors and prediction in chaotic systems
14:50 hs
Coffee break
15:10 hs
Oral Com. 21
Enrique Chipicoski Gabrick
Effect of two vaccine doses in the SEIR epidemic model
using a stochastic cellular automaton
15:30 hs
Oral Com. 22
Matheus Hansen Francisco
Investigation of pollen release by poricidal anthers using billiard models
15:50 hs
Oral Com. 23
Vitor Martins de Oliveira
Spin-orbit resonances and chaotic rotation in the Solar System
16:10 hs
Oral Com. 24
Paulo Protachevicz
Effect of chemical synapses on neuronal synchronization
16:30 hs

Prof. Iberê Caldas
Prof. Ricardo Viana
Matheus Palmero