Magnetic Materials Laboratory

Magnetic Materials Laboratory (LMM) - Facilities

1 -  Magnetic Measurements

VSM magnetometer with 9-Tesla
superconducting coil for
in the 4.2 K - 300 K


VSM magnetometer with 2 Tesla Electromagnet for
measuring from 300 to 800 K.


  Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect & SNOM/AFM combined system


  7 Tesla SQUID Magnetometer from Quantum Design (MSMS); 1.8 - 400K. AC & DC


Magnetic domain visualization system.


Home made low-field  setup mode for ultrasoft magnetic
materials, with 0.1 Oe sensitivity.

Magnetic Materials Laboratory (LMM) - Facilities

2 -  Sample Preparation & Characterization

  Sputtering system for preparing thin films &
nanoparticles gun.


Sputtering system for preparing thin films &
nanoparticles gun.

  Sputtering system for preparing thin films &
nanoparticles gun.


Glove Box for manipulating samples
in inert atmospheres.

  Voltaic arc furnace under  an argon atmosphere,
for basic samples preparation.


Melt spinner, able to produce metalic glasses (cristalline
or amorphous) thin ribbons, under un inert gas or
vacuum atmosphere.

  Controlled eletrodeposition  equipment for making
films and nanowires electrochemically deposited (FeCo, Ni, Permalloy, etc)


DTA,  used for determination of phase diagrams and
heat change measurements.



  Planetary mills (Pulverisette 4, 5 and 7)  for ball milling and mechanosynthesis, with temperature and pressure monitoring system, capable to simulate any other planetary Mill by changing mechanical parameters (rotation speed, impact, frequency, etc).



  Several furnace systems (up to 15000C, with rapidly quenching treatment optinon) to work in different atmospheres
(Argon &Nitrogen).


Magnetic Materials Laboratory (LMM) - Facilities

3 -  Mössbauer Measurements

  Two Mössbauer spectrometers with 57Fe and 119Sn sources that includes cryostats for measuring
between 4.2 and 300 K.


  CEMS detector for room-temperature measurements.




  14 Tesla Superconducting for Mössbauer measurements from 2.3 to 300K


Magnetic Materials Laboratory (LMM) - Facilities

4 -  General Facilities



  Full machine shop for machining parts.


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