Artigos científicos

35 -  A.Montaña Guerrero, R.L. Rincón Celis,P. Nussenzveig, M. Martinelli, A.M.Marino & H. M. Florez  
"Continuous Variable Entanglement in an Optical Parametric Oscillator Based on a Nondegenerate Four Wave Mixing Process in Hot Alkali Atoms"
34 -  A.Montaña Guerrero, P. Nussenzveig, M. Martinelli, A.M.Marino & H. M. Florez  
"Quantum noise correlations of an optical parametric oscillator based on a non-degenerate four wave mixing process in hot alkali atoms"
33 - H. M. Florez, A. Kumar, K. Theophilo, P. Nussenzveig & M. Martinelli
"Correlation Spectroscopy in cold atoms: light sidebands resonances in electromagnetically induced transparency condition"
arXiv:1508.04858 (Submitted on 20 Aug 2015)
32 - A. S. Coelho, F. A. S. Barbosa, K. N. Cassemiro, M. Martinelli, A. S. Villar & P. Nussenzveig
"Analyzing the Gaussian character of the spectral quantum state of light via quantum noise measurements"
31 - A. Dutt, K. Luke, S. Manipatruni, A. L. Gaeta, P. Nussenzveig & M. Lipson
"On-Chip Optical Squeezing"
30 - F. A. S. Barbosa, A. S. Coelho, K. N. Cassemiro, P. Nussenzveig, C. Fabre, A. S. Villar & M. Martinelli
"Quantum state reconstruction of spectral field modes: Homodyne and resonator detection schemes"
29 - F. A. S. Barbosa, A. S. Coelho, K. N. Cassemiro, P. Nussenzveig, C. Fabre, M. Martinelli & A. S. Villar
"Beyond Spectral Homodyne Detection: Complete Quantum Measurement of Spectral Modes of Light"
28 - H. M. Florez, L. S. Cruz, M. H. G. de Miranda, R. A. de Oliveira, J. W. R. Tabosa, M. Martinelli & D. Felinto
"Power-broadening-free correlation spectroscopy in cold atoms"
27 - D. Felinto, L. S. Cuz, R. A. de Oliveira, H. M. Florez, M. H. G. de Miranda, P. Nussenzveig, M. Martinelli & J. W. R. Tabosa
"Physical interpretation for the correlation spectra of electromagnetically-induced-transparency resonances"
26 - F. A. S. Barbosa, A. J. de Faria, A. S. Coelho, K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, P. Nussenzveig & M. Martinelli
"Disentanglement in bipartite continuous-variable systems"
25 - F. A. S. Barbosa, A. S. Coelho, A. J. de Faria, K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, P. Nussenzveig & M. Martinelli
"Robustness of bipartite Gaussian entangled beams propagating in lossy channels"
24 - A. S. Coelho, F. A. S. Barbosa, K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, M. Martinelli & P. Nussenzveig 
"Three-color entanglement"
23 - J. E. S. César, A. S. Coelho, K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, M. Lassen, P. Nussenzveig & M. Martinelli
"Extra phase noise from thermal fluctuations in nonlinear optical crystals"
22 - A. S. Villar
"The conversion of phase to amplitude fluctuations of a light beam by an optical cavity"
21 - A. Lezama, P. Valente, H. Failache, M. Martinelli & P. Nussenzveig
"Numerical investigation of the quantum fluctuations of optical fields transmitted through an atomic medium"
20 - K. N. Cassemiro, A. S. Villar, P. Valente, M. Martinelli & P. Nussenzveig
"Experimental observation of three-color optical quantum correlations"
19 - L. S. Cruz, D. Felinto, J. G. Aguirre Gómez, M. Martinelli, P. Valente, A. Lezama & P. Nussenzveig
"Laser-noise-induced correlations and anti-correlations in electromagnetically induced transparency"
18 - A. S. Villar, K. N. Cassemiro, K. Dechoum, A. Z. Khoury, M. Martinelli & P. Nussenzveig
"Entanglement in the above-threshold optical parametric oscillator"
17 - A. S. Villar, M. Martinelli, C. Fabre & P. Nussenzveig
"Direct Production of Tripartite Pump-Signal-Idler Entanglement in the Above-Threshold Optical Parametric Oscillator"
16 - A. S. Villar, L. S. Cruz, K. N. Cassemiro, M. Martinelli & P. Nussenzveig
"Generation of Bright Two-Color Continuous Variable Entanglement"
15 - A. S. Villar, M. Martinelli & P. Nussenzveig
"Testing the entanglement of intense beams produced by a non-degenerate optical parametric oscillator"
14 - M. Martinelli, J. A. O. Hughenin, P. Nussenzveig & A. Z. Khoury
"Orbital angular momentum exchange in an optical parametric oscillator"
13 - C. L. G. Alzar, L. S. da Cruz, J. G. A. Gomez, M. Martinelli, M. F. Santos, D. Felinto, P. Valente, H. Failache, A. Lezama & P. Nussenzveig
"Statistical properties of macroscopic laser fields after coherent interaction with an atomic vapour"
12 - M. Martinelli, P. Valente, H. Failache, D. Felinto, L. S. Cruz, P. Nussenzveig & A. Lezama
"Noise spectroscopy of nonlinear magneto-optical resonances in Rb vapor"
11 - C. L. G. Alzar, L. S. Cruz, J. G. A. Gomez & P. Nussenzveig
"Super-Poissonian intensity fluctuations and correlations between pump and probe fields in Electromagnetically Induced Transparency"
10 - C. L. G. Alzar, M. A. G. Martinez & P. Nussenzveig
"Classical analog of electromagnetically induced transparency"
9 - M. Martinelli, C. L. G. Alzar, P. H. S. Ribeiro & P. Nussenzveig
"Classical and quantum properties of optical parametric oscillators"
8 - J. I. Kim & P. Nussenzveig
"Collective Rabi oscillations and cold collisions"
7 - J. I. Kim, R. B. B. Santos & P. Nussenzveig
"Control of Cold Atomic Collisions by Multiparticle Entanglement and a Modified Vacuum in Cavity QED"
Selected Papers of the First International Meeting in Quantum Optics Held in Santiago, Chile,
Eds. M. Orszag e J. C. Retamal, Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg, 2001)
6 - J. I. Kim, R. B. B. Santos & P. Nussenzveig
"Manipulation of cold atomic collisions by cavity QED effects"
5 - W. C. Magno, R. B. Prandini, P. Nussenzveig & S. S. Vianna
"Four-wave mixing with Rydberg levels in rubidium vapor: Observation of interference fringes"
4 - E. J. S. Fonseca, Z. Paulini, P. Nussenzveig, C. H. Monken & S. Pádua
"Nonlocal de Broglie wavelength of a two-photon system"
3 - M. S. Santos, A. Antunes, P. Nussenzveig, J. Flemming, S. C. Zilio & V. S. Bagnato
"Intensity dependence of the collisional loss rate for potassium-39 atoms in a vapor cell MOT"
2 - M. S. Santos, P. Nussenzveig, A. Antunes, P. S. P. Cardona & V. S. Bagnato
"Hyperfine-changing collision measurements in trap loss for mixed species in a magneto-optical trap"
1 - S. S. Vianna, P. Nussenzveig, W. C. Magno & J. W. R. Tabosa
"Polarization dependence and interference in four-wave mixing with Rydberg levels in rubidium vapor"