Atmospheric Physics

ARTAXO NETTO, Paulo Eduardo

1) Study of atmospheric aerosols in the Amazon - we study the transport, sources and behavior of major and trace elements in the atmosphere. Through microanalysis by PIXE (Particle Induced X-Ray Emission), element concentrations are obtained and then analyzed using mathematical modeling.  We carry out research in the Amazon environment, in burned-over lands, and study the effects gas and particle emissions may have in global climate. 2) Processes of deposition in the Antarctic atmosphere: We study physical and chemical processes in the Antarctic atmosphere, where we research the deposition of heavy metals. These studies in the Antarctic have contributed to the understanding of processes that regulate global atmospheric changes. 3) Physical and chemical processes of atmospheric pollution in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. We develop methods and models to predict the behavior of atmospheric pollutants in São Paulo. We also give support to the development and improvement of strategies to control pollutants in São Paulo. 4) Atmospheric radiation and global climate change - We study alterations in the atmospheric radiation balance brought about by the accumulation of particulate matter. The emissions from Amazon fires alter the spectrum of radiation reaching the soil. We develop models to study the effects and possible consequences at the global level. 5) Remote sensing of the atmosphere - We work with satellite measurements to better understand the regional mechanisms that affect the emission and transport of atmospheric pollutants on a large scale.


BARBOSA, Henrique de Melo Jorge

Parametrization of physical processes for modeling the atmospheric circulation, focusing on the areas of radiation, convection and aerosols. Aerosol-cloud interactions and climate effects. Microphysics of clouds. Radioactive forcing and climatic change. Modeling of large-scale transport of atmospheric humidity. Interaction of equatorial transport and transient systems. Effects of climatic changes on the monsoons in South America. Development of a Brazilian model for the study of global climatic change. Anomalous dispersion and anomalous diffusion in systems with Lagrangian chaos. Complex networks applied to climatic systems.