Atomic and Molecular Physics

CANUTO, Sylvio Roberto Accioly

  Electronic structure of molecules, bio-molecules and finite clusters. Computer simulation and properties of molecular liquids. Effects of solvents on properties and spectroscopy. Intermolecular forces including van der Waals and hydrogen bonds. Application of Monte Carlo simulation, molecular dynamics and many-body quantum theories. Electric and magnetic properties of molecules and electronic structure of supercritical fluids. Development of algorithm and methodologies for studying the structure, properties and spectroscopy of molecular liquids.
Specialized in Many-Body Theory, Computer Simulation and Molecular Modeling, with emphasis on the studies of solvent effects in spectroscopy and reactivity of molecules and bio-molecules in liquid environment, particularly in water. Also interested in electric and magnetic properties of molecules and supercritical systems.


CATTANI, Mauro Sergio Dorsa

Research activities involve: (1) Dynamics of surface growth; (2) Optical activity and weak interaction in chiral molecules; (3) Bohm-de Broglie quantum theory. Dissipative and non-linear effects; (4) Electric and mechanical properties of nanostructured materials.  (5) Physics teaching and publishing books and articles for both graduate and undergraduate studies.


VANIN, Vito Roberto

    Nuclear cross section measurements of photon and neutron absorption by gamma and neutron spectroscopy. Experimental studies of electron transport in amorphous and crystalline media within the energy band of 1 and 5 MeV. Instrumentation for gamma and neutron spectroscopy.