Biophysics and Medical Physics

COSTA, Paulo Roberto
Medical Physics with emphasis on radiation protection in diagnostic imaging area. Mathematical methods for the determination of protective shielding of imaging facilities. Determination of physical properties of materials used for radiation protection.  X-ray spectrometry and its applications to radiation protection.  Quality control and dosimetry in computed tomography equipment.  Quality control and dosimetry in diagnostic imaging departments.


COUTINHO, Kaline Rabelo

    Development of techniques and algorithms to enable theoretical studies of structural and electronic properties of molecular systems of biological interest. Application of molecular modeling techniques, such as computational simulations and quantum calculus.



    Study of equilibrium and transport processes in biological systems.
HERDADE, Silvio Bruni
    Medical Physics. X-Ray Spectrometry applied to conventional radiology and mammography. X-Ray Spectrometry by Compton scattering. Medical Imaging: magnetic resonance, ultrasound. Radiological Protection.


LAMY, M. Teresa

- Structural study of bio-molecules and bio-systems by optical spectroscopy (absorption and fluorescence), electron magnetic resonance, light scattering and calorimetry.
- Interaction between bio-molecules and lipid membranes: structural studies.
- Thermo-structural properties of amphiphilic aggregates used as model membranes or bio-carriers for drugs and genetic material.

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OLIVEIRA, Cristiano Luis Pinto de

    Soft matter (proteins, polymers, surfactants), biophysics, modeling of biomolecules.



    Physics Applied to Medicine:  medical image processing, predominantly tomography; computerized instrumentation in Nuclear Medicine; analysis and quality control in computerized tomography.


YOSHIMURA, Elisabeth Mateus

    Ionizing radiation dosimetry by thermoluminescence (TL) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL): studies on dosimetric properties for the improvement of dosimeters TL and OSL; dosimetry for medical procedures. Environmental radiation (gamma and radon): development and application of methodologies for the detection of traces – gamma spectroscopy and TL – and for the assessment of population doses. Use of the techniques of optical absorption, thermionic currents, and TL/OSL for the study of defects in ionic crystals. Light scattering in biological tissues and dosimetry for low-level laser therapy.
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