Cosmology and Gravitation

ABRAMO, Luis Raul Weber

I work on several areas of Cosmology and Astrophysics. From the theory side, I have worked on models of the early Universe, structure formation, dark matter and dark energy. I have also been working more closely with experiments and astronomical observations, on issues such as cosmic microwave background radiation, galaxy clusters and supernovas. More recently I have started to work with international collaborations which are constructing new astronomical instruments (J-PAS and SuMIRe) to make large-scale 3D maps of the Universe.


ABDALLA, Elcio  

   1. Cosmology: Our interest is in studying the making of the Universe, and the role of string theory through the formulation of the so called brane cosmology. In this case, we would like to better understand problems like gravitational shortcuts and the consequences for the structure of the cosmos.  We also study the structure of the universe in terms of quantity and description of dark matter and dark energy, their possible interaction and the consequences of this interaction, especially in the making of the structures of the modern universe.

    2. Gravitation: We study perturbations in strong gravitational systems to understand the classical structure of these systems, the shape of possible gravitational waves they emit, and, in the case of a quantum gravitational theory, the signs of gravitons emitted in particle accelerators that can, eventually, lead to quantifiable energies compatible with the gravity theory.