Electron Microscopy

KIYOHARA, Pedro Kunihiko

Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

1) Optical electronic studies of aluminum oxides and hydroxides for the obtention of nanostructured aluminas.
2) Environmental and occupational evaluation of chrysotile fibers.
3) Application of Electronic Microscopy techniques to the characterization of nanostructured materials.
contact: kiyohara@if.usp.br




1) Biominerals and the biomineralization process encompass the synthesis (from mineral nucleation to growth) of crystalline materials, mediated under control of a biological matrix. Biominerals are widely found in the animal phyla, from protists to vertebrates. Such studies encompass the use of   scanning and transmission electron microscopy, associated to cytochemical and spectroscopic methods. Our researches so far, were mostly focused on the biomineralization of molluscan shells.

2) Studies of very thin, motile cellular projections (about 250 nm diameter) known as cilia and flagella, are also of interest. With a few exceptions, these organelles have a universal internal organization of protein filaments, known as the 9+2 arrangement, first disclosed through use of electron microscopy. Their motion is mediated through chemical and mechanical interaction between the protein subunits and ATP. Another model known as the 9+1 flagellum, has also been reported by us previously.
       Both studies (1 and 2) have been the subject of masters/doctoral dissertations at the IF, IB and ICB at this University.