Field Theory


1. Cosmology: Our interest is in studying the making of the Universe, and the role of string theory through the formulation of the so called brane cosmology. In this case, we would like to better understand problems like gravitational shortcuts and the consequences for the structure of the cosmos.  We also study the structure of the universe in terms of quantity and description of dark matter and dark energy, their possible interaction and the consequences of this interaction, especially in the making of the structures of the modern universe.

2. Gravitation: We study perturbations in strong gravitational systems to understand the classical structure of these systems, the shape of possible gravitational waves they emit, and, in the case of a quantum gravitational theory, the signs of gravitons emitted in particle accelerators that can, eventually, lead to quantifiable energies compatible with the gravity theory.

3. string Theory: We study the role of integrable models in string theory and some of its exact solutions.



BARATA, João Carlos Alves

    Theoretical aspects of Network Quantum Field Theory: Theory of low-dimensional scattering. Emergence of non-trivial statistics in models. Study of the problem of asymptotic completeness and of confinement in gauge theories.



BRANDT, Fernando T. Caldeira

Gauge field theories (QED, Yang-Mills and gravitation).
Quantum Field Theory at finite temperatures.
Quantum Field Theory on non-commutative spaces.




    Non-abelian Gauge Theories. Infrared Divergences in Quantum Chromodynamics. Field Theories in Finite Temperatures.



GITMAN, Dmitri Maximovitch

Quantum Field Theory with External Bases
Theory of Systems with Constraints and their Quantification
Exact Solutions of Relativistic Wave Equations and Theory of Self-adjoint Extensions.
Trajectory Integrals; Group Theory in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory; Semi-classical Methods and Coherent States
Classical and Pseudo-classical Models of Relativistic Particles and their Quantification
High Spin Theory
Theory of Two and Four Level Systems and Applications to Quantum Computing
Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory in Non-commutative Spaces



GOMES, Marcelo Otávio Caminha

    General properties of quantum field theory. Renormalization. 1/N Expansion. Field theories in non-commutative spaces. Asymptotic behavior of perturbation series.



MARQUES, Gil da Costa

    1) Phase transitions in finite temperature field theory.
    2) Elementary particle physics – Description of particles with arbitrary spin.
    3) Theory of Superfluidity of He-4.
    4) Bose-Einstein Condensation Theory.



RIVELLES, Victor de Oliveira

    1) String and superstring theory. 2) Quantum gravitation. 3) Supersymmetry and supergravity.



SILVA, Adilson José da

    Quantum Field Theory:
    TQC in non-commutative spaces and supersymmetry.