Mathematical Physics

BARATA, João Carlos Alves
    Mathematical problems in Theoretical Physics, in areas such as Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Classical Mechanics.


MALTA, Coraci Pereira

    1) Use of parameter dependent non-linear delay-differential equations to describe the behavior of the system as a function of parameters. Stability, bifurcations, chaos. 2) Use of non-linear methods to analyze time series corresponding to biological signals (electroencephalograms, electrocardiograms, etc).


MARCHETTI, Domingos Humberto Urbano

Models of statistical mechanics, disorganized systems, Lee-Yang zeros, renormalization groups, dynamics of Lee-Yang zeros, dynamics in hierarchical models, partial differential equations of evolution, Mayer series via differential equations, dimmers  – vertices and pfaffians, renormalization group dynamics of fermions, random matrices, sparse Jacobi matrices, Hausdovff dimension, Fouriev dimension of spectral measures, dynamics of conformal mapping, conformal invariance, and universality.