Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

CALDAS, Iberê Luiz
    Physics of Plasmas: MHD equilibrium and stability in Tokamaks, Hamiltonian formalism, magnetic surfaces. Dynamic systems and chaos. Instability and turbulence in fluids.


ELFIMOV, Artour Grigorievich

- Analysis of Alfvén waves based on a system of Vlasov–Maxwell equations.
- Heating and generation of current and plasma flux in a tokamak, using Alfvén waves.
- Runaway electron discharge in the tokamak TCABR.
- Diagnostics of the safety factor and effective mass by Alfvén wave localization in tokamaks.


GALVÃO, Ricardo Magnus Osório

    Equilibrium, instability and transport phenomena in tokamaks.  Diagnostics and heating of thermonuclear plasmas. Tokamak operation. Technological applications for plasmas.



     Experimental investigation of physical phenomena in plasmas confined in the tokamak TCABR: Anomalous transport, turbulence, zonal flow, MHD instability, H-mode improved confinement.
Plasma diagnostics and upgrading of the tokamak TCABR.



1) Plasma spectroscopy;
2) Plasma rotation;
3) MHD activity and transport phenomena;
4) Plasma diagnostics;


SILVA, Ruy Pepe da

    1) Experimental physics of magnetically confined plasmas. 2) Plasma diagnostics. 3) Particle transport and energy in plasmas. 4) Machine, tokamak.



Use of neural networks to prognosticate instabilities of external disruption and temporal phenomena.
Investigation of ultra-diluted solutions.