Quantum Optics and Quantum Computing

NUSSENZVEIG, Paulo Alberto

1. Magneto-Optical trapping of neutral atoms: We have built an atom trap of 85RB and 87Rb, which allows us to study the properties of atoms in the absence of perturbations such as the Doppler broadening. The trapped cold atoms also constitute a material medium privileged for manipulating light and studying its properties.
2. Laser-induced transparency (or EIT - Electromagnetically Induced Transparency):  we study field properties by creating, for instance, correlations of intensity between fields produced by different lasers.
3. Optical Parametric Oscillator:  we have built an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) in our lab to study the quantum correlations between twin beams. We are interested in using these beams, and these interferometry experiments, to observe patterns in the wavelength associated to photon-pairs.
4. Cavity quantum electrodynamics theory (CQED). We investigate CQED problems and propose new experiments in the context of quantum information.



HENRIQUES, André Bohomoletz

    Quantum effects such as superposition and entangling of electronic orbital states and spin are resources with a potential application in the technologies of the future.
Some of the challenges in this area are the optimization of the electronic spin lifetime and of the spin manipulation techniques in very short time scales.
We employ pump-and-probe spectroscopy to investigate magnetic and non-magnetic semiconductor nanostructures. In this technique, lasers with ultra short pulses
(femto or picosecond) are used to manipulate the electron spin. The train of pulses generated by the laser is divided in two (pump and prove). The sample is
perturbed by a pump pulse, and the changes in the sample caused by the perturbation, such as magnetization, reflectivity, absorption and luminescnece, are monitored with
femtosecond resolution. The project involves the development of theoretical models required to interpret the experimental data.

Link: http://siveab-5.if.usp.br/~andreh/pesquisa.html




- Quantum Optics.
- Non-Linear Optics.
- Quantum Information.