Created in 1963 when the collection of the former Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAMSP) was transferred to the care of the University. The MAC-USP has a collection of approximately 10,000 works, including oil paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, objects and conceptual works of exponential artists, who were able to illustrate all the major art movements of the last hundred years.


Created in 1962, the Institute is a center of multidisciplinary research and documentation about the history and Brazilian culture. Its collection, consisting of 450,000 documents, 180,000 books and 8000 works of art, aims to preserve and characterize the Brazilian artistic and intellectual production.


Created in 1895 as a natural history museum and representative framework of the Independence and the History of Brazil and of São Paulo. The MP-USP was integrated into the University of São Paulo in 1963. It has a collection comprising more than 125,000 units between objects, iconography and textual documentation of the 17th century until the mid 20th century, representing a significant contribution to the understanding of Brazilian society, especially in regard to the history of São Paulo.


Created in 1989 from the dismemberment of archeology and ethnology sectors of the Museum Paulista, the MAE-USP has under its guard a collection consisting of approximately 1,500,000 items including archaeological and ethnographic objects produced in different continents and in different eras, since the Paleolithic Europe, with tens of thousands of years of seniority, until the recent production of artifacts of the indigenous peoples of Brazil.