Grupo de Reações entre Íons Pesados – GRIPe
(Heavy-Ion Nuclear Reactions Group)
     The GRIPe was initially formed by Prof. Dirceu Pereira. Prof. Pereira holds a master's degree and a PhD from IFUSP, under the supervision of Prof. Oscar Sala. He has participated actively in the implementation of the Pelletron particle accelerator. Prof. Pereira founded a research group, which was the embryo of GRIPe, shortly after returning from a postdoctoral fellowship at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) in 1982. At that time, he started the  supervision of several students who came to perform masters and / or doctorate in the Pelletron. One of these students, Luiz Carlos Chamon, was hired by IFUSP in 1989, and joined the GRIPe. Prof. Chamon is currently Full Professor of the Department of Nuclear Physics. Several students from both professors participated for some time in the research group. One of them, Leandro Romero Gasques, continues in the group, and is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Nuclear Physics of IFUSP. GRIPe has collaborations with other IFUSP research groups, as well as groups of other Brazilian institutions and research groups from abroad.
Fusion cross sections as a function of the bombarding energy for the 4He + 209Bi system. The experimental cross section corresponds to the sum of the processes of formation of the compound nucleus following the evaporation of 1, 2 and 3 neutrons (symbols in the figure). The solid line represents the theoretical prediction using the São Paulo potential.
Bidimensional spectrum obtained in the collision of 10B beam on the 197Au target. It is possible to observe the formation of 11B e 9Be, which are associated with the transfer reactions.

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