1. The Graduate Program in Physics requires students to have full-time commitment. The majority of our students have their studies supported by (Master’s, PhD and Direct PhD) scholarships granted by Brazilian funding institutions, such as FAPESP, CNPq and CAPES, or by international programs or agencies, such as CLAF and TWAS. FAPESP grants are distributed directly to advisors according to the Foundation’s own criteria and timetable. A number of CNPq scholarships and all CAPES scholarships are under the responsibility of our Program, which receives the applications and establishes the priority of allocation. The number of available grants varies each semester.


2. Applicants who wish to apply for one of the CAPES or CNPq scholarships allotted by the Graduate Committee must inform it while filling the online application out. For more details, please check our dates and deadlines.


3. Regarding the classification for scholarships, the following grades are taken into account: the grade achieved in the last entrance examination taken by the applicant (which corresponds to a maximum of 6.0 on a weighted average evaluation), and a grade given by the Graduate Committee after an overall evaluation of the applicant's academic transcript, curriculum and recommendation letters (which corresponds to a maximum of 4.0 on a weighted average evaluation).


4. The final classification for scholarships will be published online before the enrollment period. For more details, please check our dates and deadlines.


ATTENTION:  The Direct PhD scholarships administered by the Graduate Committee are tenable for a maximum of 48 (forty-eight) months, and cannot be extended.