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29 September - 03 October 2024: Our group will participate in the annual meeting of the Brazilian Materials Research Society (B-MRS / SBPMat) in Santos, SP.

16-20 September 2024: Felix will present an invited talk at the 25th International Conference on High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics (HMF-25) in Warsaw, Poland.

02-06 September 2024: Felix will present an invited talk at the 21st Brazilian Workshop on Semiconductor Physics (BWSP-21) in Campinas, SP.

19-23 May 2024: All our group will present posters and lectures at the Autumn Meeting of the Brazilian Physical Society (EOSBF-2024) in Florianópolis. 

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06 May 2024: Erick and Giuliano granted scholarships for Science Journalism from FAPESP and Fundação Roberto Marinho. 

03 May 2024: Our new paper has been published online in the 1 May 2024 issue of Physical Review Research (Vol. 6, No. 2).

11 April 2024: Felix presented an invited talk at the graduate program in physics of the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. View Recording.

02 April 2024: Our paper "Interaction-controlled transport in a two-dimensional massless-massive Dirac system: Transition from degenerate to nondegenerate regime" was accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. Research.

03-08 March 2024: Felix presented an invited talk at the APS March Meeting in Minneapolis USA, Symposium Chiral Phonons in Quantum Materials session 15.00.00 (Invitation Only) of Nonequilibrium Quantum Physics (DCMP). View Recording.

22 February 2024: Felix gave a lecture at the IFUSP Summer Course. Here is the recording: As propriedades peculiares dos materiais quânticos.

19-23 February 2024: Eduardo won 1st place in the best poster category for the exceptional presentation entitled "Terahertz generation by photoconductive antennas and femtosecond laser for THz-TDS", at the UFPR/UTFPR 2024 School of Photonics.

15 December 2023: "Observation of interplay between phonon chirality and electronic band topology" was published in Science Advances. Read the press release in Agência FAPESP (portuguese) and in Rice News (english).

14 December 2023: A new thematic grant from FAPESP was approved with Felix as a PI. We will built a new THz-TDS setup with low temperature, high magnetic fields and high power of the THz pulses.

8 December 2023: Representatives of the University of Pécs and the Consulate of Hungary visited our laboratory. 

5 December 2023: Daniel received a Poster Award and Eduardo an honorable mention at the International Summer School INFIERI series: "OXFORD 2013- USP 2023: 10 YEARS OF FOSTERING CROSS-DISCIPLINARITY”.

16-17 November 2023: Our research was presented at the III Workshop de Física Experimental da UNIFEI including 3 posters by Daniel, Eduardo and Nicolas, and an invited talk by Felix.

14 November 2023: Felix awarded the Brasil@Rice Faculty Travel Grant as a Visiting Professor within the Kono group at the Smalley-Curl Institute
09 November 2023: Our third paper in collaboration with the Kono group at Rice University was accepted in Science Advances.
27 October 2023: Felix presented an invited talk at UFSCar for the graduate program in physics.

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