Publications (2020)  
Surface Effects on Pyrene Luminescence Excitation
Jacob R. Ritter, Marilia J. Caldas, Tales J. da Silva, Arrigo Calzolari and Mattew D. McCluskey
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 2 (9), 2806-2812 (2020)


Cadmium-based ferroelectrics with the Ruddlesden-Popper and double perovskite structures: a theoretical study
Michel L. Marcondes, Samuel S. M. Santos, Ivan P. Miranda, Pedro 
Rocha-Rodrigues, Lucy V. C. Assali, Armandina M. L. Lopes, Joao P. 
Araujo and Helena M. Petrilli
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 8, 14570-14578 (2020)


Phytochemical species intercalated into Layered Double Hydroxides: 
Structural Investigation and Biocompatibility Assay
Vanessa R. R. Cunha, Philippe A. D. Petersen,  Rodrigo B. Souza, Ana 
Maria C. R. P. F. Martins,  Fabrice Leroux, Christine Taviot-Gueho, 
Helena M. Petrilli, Ivan H. J. Koh and  Vera R. L. Constantino
New Journal of Chemistry, 44, 10011-10021 (2020)
Intercalation of Apocarotenoids from Annatto (Bixa orellana L.) into Layered Double Hydroxides
Gustavo F. Perotti, Felipe F. Silva, Ricardo A. A. de Couto,  Filipe 
C. D. A. Lima,  Helena M. Petrilli,  Fabrice Leroux,  Ana M. C. 
Ferreira  and Vera R. L. Constantino
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical  Society, 31 (11), 2211-2223 (2020)
Ca2MnO4 structural path: Following the negative thermal expansion at the local scale
Pedro Rocha-Rodrigues, Samuel S. M. Santos, Gonçalo N. P. Oliveira, 
Tiago Leal, Ivan P. Miranda, António M. dos Santos, João G. Correia, 
Lucy V. C. Assali, Helena M. Petrilli, João P. Araújo, and Armandina 
M. L. Lopes
Physical Review B, 102, 104115 (2020)

Heterobinuclear copper(II)-platinum(II) complexes with oxindolimine 
ligands: Interactions with DNA, and inhibition of kinase and alkaline 
phosphatase proteins

Aranda Escribano Esther, Juliana Silva da Luz, Carla Columbano Oliveira, Philippe A. Divina Petersen, Helena M. Petrilli and Ana M. da Costa Ferreira

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 203, 110863 (2020)



Ca3Mn2O7 structural path unraveled by atomic-scale properties: A combined experimental and ab initio study


P. Rocha-Rodrigues,  S. S. M. Santos,  I. P. Miranda,  G. N. P. Oliveira,  J. G. Correia,  L. V. C. Assali, H. M. Petrilli, J. P. Araujo and A. M. L. Lopes
Physical Review B 101 064103 (2020)