Short Courses

SC1 - New materials growth, New materials growth and discovery, New materials characterization
Paul Canfield (AMES Lab)
SC2 - Machine Learning for Many-Body Physics*
Juan Carrasquilla (Perimeter Institute) 
Roger Melko (Waterloo)
SC3 - From the fundamentals of Density Functional Theory for its use in complex quantum materials
John Perdew (Tulane)
SC4 - Heavy fermion systems: From quantum criticality to electronic topology*
Silke Buhler-Paschen (TUW)
SC5 - STM, RIXS and ARPES techniques for investigating emergent quantum states of matter
Eduardo Silva Neto (Yale)
SC6 - DMRG+Tensor Networks*
Adrian Feiguin (Northeastern University)
SC7 - Topological Quantum Matter
M. Zahid Hasan (Princeton)
* (tentative titles)




Adrienn RuzSinszky Perdew (Tulane) - "Meta-generalized gradient approximations for quantum materials"
Helena Petrilli (USP) - "Band filling effects on the emergence of magnetic skyrmions"*
Ingrid Barcelos (CNPEM) - "Polariton engineering with quantum materials"*
Jose A. Hoyos (USP) - "Phase transitions in disordered quantum systems"*
Marcos Avila (UFABC) - "Quantum materials for thermoelectrics"*
Maurice de Koning (UNICAMP) - "Plastic deformation of superionic water ices"*
Pascoal Pagliuso (UNICAMP) - "Electron spin resonance on quantum materials"*
"All speakers confirmed participation in the school. The titles of the talks are subjected to changes."