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    Ask a librarian.
    Request training to use USP electronic resources
    Electronic alerts - These editors provide news updates and regular Publishers news

 : Elsevier ; Kluwer ; Taylor and Francis ; SpringerScienceDirect

    Interlibrary Loan - Request a book from libraries outside the Butantã Campus or from other Universities by the SISWeb system.
    Request Articles, chapters etc. - Request journal articles and book chapters or events.
    Suggest a new book or other materials - Suggest materials or books that are necessary to the library.
    USP Controlled Vocabulary - Check the terminology adopted by USP in scientific papers.
    New users’ registration and external libraries

The users’ Support at Access Services are always available and we are pleased to help and guide in

• Personal assistance;

• Guidance regarding development and standardization of references;

• Monitored visits;

• Guidance regarding the use of reference works;

• Research and bibliographic searches;

To schedule any of these services or products, just contact us: Phone: 11 3091-6923  or  by email


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