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I. L. Caldas, Marcus, F. A., Batista, A. Marcos, Viana, R. L., Lopes, S. R., HELLER, M. V. A. P., Guimarães-Filho, Z. O., Morrison, P. J., and Horton, W., Turbulence Induced Transport in Tokamaks, in PLASMA AND FUSION SCIENCE: 16th IAEA Technical Meeting on Research using Small Fusion Devices; XI Latin American Workshop on Plasma PhysicsAIP Conference Proceedings, Mexico City (Mexico), 2006. (893.58 KB)
C. G. L. Martins, Marcus, F. A., Caldas, I. L., and R. de Carvalho, E., Robust tori in a double-waved Hamiltonian model, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, vol. 389, no. 23, pp. 5511 - 5514, 2010. (653.81 KB)
R. L. Viana, Mathias, A. C., Marcus, F. A., Kroetz, T., and Caldas, I. L., Fractal boundaries in chaotic hamiltonian systems, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 911, p. 012002, 2017. (3.79 MB)
M. C. de Sousa, Marcus, F. A., Caldas, I. L., and Viana, R. L., Energy distribution in intrinsically coupled systems: The spring pendulum paradigm, Physica A, vol. 509, pp. 1110-1119, 2018. (1.33 MB) (879.47 KB) (804.75 KB) (17.9 MB)