Colóquio Extra do IFUSP com o Prof. Asier Marzo

Data do Evento: 
26/07/2018 - 16:00 até 18:00

Colóquio extra dia 26 de julho no IFUSP

Título: "Acoustic Levitation: Recent Improvements, Homemade Devices, and Applications in Display Technologies."

Palestrante: Dr. Asier Marzo - Universidade de Bristol

Data: 26 de julho, 16h.

Local: Auditório ADMA JAFETdo IFUSP

Resumo: Acoustic Tweezers use acoustic radiation forces to trap and manipulate samples. They provide unique advantages such as high trapping force, support of numerous sample materials and operation in various media. Also, the available range of sound frequencies enable applications from the micrometre to the centimetre scale. Despite the advantages of Acoustic Tweezers, its progress has always been behind that of Optical Tweezers. In this talk, I will present recent advancements that have reduced the gap between acoustic and optical trapping, i.e. single-beam, wavelength-scale, and multi-particle acoustic trapping. Additionally, I will introduce levitators that everyone can build at home. Finally, I will showcase some specific applications of acoustic levitation in display technologies. 

Biografia:  Dr. Asier Marzo is a research assistant in the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Bristol (UK). His research is focused on using sound and light to manipulate particles. Particles such as clots or kidney stones from the exterior of our body without any incision for medical applications, or thousands of physical pixels that compose a 3D object in display technologies. His background in computer science is a vital tool for controlling phased-arrays of hundreds of elements and visualizing invisible fields. One of his main objectives is to make devices and techniques for manipulating particles affordable and open for everyone.

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Data de Término: 
26/07/2018 - 16:00