Colóquio MAP com o Prof. Adilson Presoto (UFSC)

Data do Evento: 
14/09/2018 - 14:00 até 15:00

Colóquio MAP

“The relationship between the Archimedes number π and the existence of solution for PDEs”

Palestrante: Prof. Adilson Eduardo Presoto (Universidade Federal de São Carlos)

Dia: 14 de setembro, sexta-feira, das 14h às 15h.

Local: Auditório Antonio Gilioli - Sala 247/262 - Bloco A, IME-USP. Café às 15h00, na sala 265 A (Chefia do MAP).


Likely the real number π is the most ubiquitous constant in all Mathematics. In PDEs, it could not be different. Surprisingly, in the study of some elliptic equations with exponential growth, it appears naturally as a restriction for the existence solution. The Brezis and Benilan's seminal work on Thomas-Fermi problem leading with elliptic problems involving L1 or measure data has guided us to this class of fascinating problems. As a whole we intend to sum up some progress in the study of PDEs with measure as datum highlighting the presence of number π in the theory. Partially supported by FAPESP and CAPES, e-mail:

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14/09/2018 - 14:00