Quantum Discussions Journal Club @ IFUSP

Data do Evento: 
31/10/2019 - 12:00

Prof. Diego Trancanelli will present the work: "Entanglement, supersymmetry, and gYBE", by P. Padmanabhan, F. Sugino, D. Trancanelli (to appear).

10/31, Thursday, 12h10. IGUSP, Auditório Norte - Gleb Wataghin


Producing entanglement in finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces, such as multi-qubit systems, is an important task in quantum computing. A famous example of "entangling operator" -- the Bell matrix -- is known to satisfy the Yang-Baxter Equation and hints at a possible connection between topological and quantum entanglement. This connection can also be seen in a similarity between GHZ states of three qubits and the Borromean rings. The GHZ matrices satisfy a generalized Yang-Baxter Equation (gYBE), which is notoriously difficult to solve. I will show how using supersymmetry in 0+1 dimensions, one can generate a profusion of solutions to the gYBE and provide convincing evidence for the connection mentioned above.
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31/10/2019 - 12:45