Seminário do Departamento de Física Nuclear

Data do Evento: 
14/06/2018 - 14:00 até 18:00

Seminário do Departamento de Física Nuclear – FNC

“Study of explosive H-burning processes : direct and indirect measurements with SPIRAL 1 & 2 beams in GANIL”

Prof. Beyhan Bastin - Ganil, France

Dia: 14 de junho, quinta-feira, às 14h.

Local: Sala de Seminários do Departamento de Física Nuclear


During the seminar we will present and discuss experimental programs concerning the H-burning processes carried out and foreseen at the existing SPIRAL1 and the new SPIRAL2 facilities in GANIL. In the first part of the seminar we will focus more particularly the discussion on the novae astrophysical scenario. We will give details on na experiment realized with the VAMOS spectrometer and a 19Ne beam produced and post-accelerated with SPIRAL1. In this experiment, a new broad resonance below the proton threshold has been observed in 19Ne and impact significantly the destruction rate of 18F. The latter is one of the main beta emitters produced during the thermonuclear explosion. The consequence on the space observational programs based on low energy gamma ray detection (below 10 MeV) with Satellites will be discussed. In the second part, the new opportunities offered by the SPIRAL1-upgrade and SPIRAL2 facilities for the study of novae and X-ray bursters will be shortly presented as well.

Data de Término: 
14/06/2018 - 14:00