Seminário do GRHAFITE com o Prof. Carlisson Miller

Data do Evento: 
04/12/2018 - 17:00 até 19:00

Seminário do Grupo de Hádrons e Física Teórica (GRHAFITE) – FEP – FNC

“QCD Equation of State and Neutron Star: An Holographic Perspective”

Dr. Carlisson Miller, IFT-UNESP

Dia: 04 de dezembro, terça-feira, às 17h.

Local: Ed. Principal, Ala 2, Sala 335, IFUSP.


It is well known that a complete understanding about the dense QCD equation of state remains a great challenge. The complexity of the task originates from the need to nonperturbatively solve the theory of strong interactions at finite chemical potential. This requirement is problematic, as it makes all the usual firstprinciples tools fail: Lattice simulations suffer from the well-known sign problem at a finite baryon chemical potential, while perturbative QCD is invalidated at moderate densities. The knowledge of the QCD equation of state is also important for the study of neutron stars properties once that they provide a cosmic laboratory in which the phases of cold dense QCD matter are realized. They are the only known window into the rich structure of cold dense QCD. This way, recent astrophysical inferences of neutron star masses and radii, M − R, can significantly constrain the QCD equation of state. In this talk, I will show the predictions for the cold equation of state in the regions relevant for the neutron star physics and also reproduce the M − R relation. The strong quark matter will be modeled by an holographic QCD model. I will also try to present the low temperatures correction in the equations of state.

Data de Término: 
04/12/2018 - 17:00