Seminários de Graduação com Giovana Rodrigues (IFUSP)

Data do Evento: 
14/11/2018 - 14:00 até 17:00

Dead Physicists Society (seminários de graduação)

"Nanoparticles' nanoworld: a nanostudy"

Giovana Firpo de Moraes Rodrigues, IFUSP

Dia: 14 de novembro, quarta-feira, às 14h.

Local: IFUSP, Ed. Principal, Ala Central, Sala 202.


Since the nanotechnology became a field of study, in the 80’s, many areas have been developed. From food industry to medicine, the nanotechnology is expanded day by day. In this study, we focus in nano-structures applied to the nano-medicine: a very diverse and essential field to public health care. One of them is the cubosome: a nanoparticle that has a cubic internal structure. The other is the liposome, a spherical bilayered nanoparticle. Both of them are prepared using amphiphilic lipids and are studied to be applied as drug nano-carriers. This would allow drug administration to be more effective and, maybe, cheaper than it is nowadays. But, as a molecule is needed for the study of encapsulation, two were chosen: LINS03017 - incorporated in cubosomes - and an essential oil called cineole - encapsulated in liposomes, both with different applications. Finally, to see what happened with the nanoparticles, some biophysical methods were adopted, such as SAXS (small angle x-ray scattering), TEM (transmission electronic microscopy) and Fluorescence Anisotropy.

Data de Término: 
14/11/2018 - 14:00