Influence of size effect and electronic viscosity on magnetoresistance of mesoscopic 2D conductors

10/06/2021 - 10:15 até 12:00
Prof. Dr. Oleg E. Raichev / Leading Research Scientist, Institute of Semiconductor Physics/National Academy of Science of Ukraine
plataforma ZOOM: - Senha de acesso: 167083

In small (mesoscopic) two-dimensional electron systems with non-ideal boundaries, the magnetoresistance shows a considerable size effect related to cyclotron motion of electrons in the quasi-ballistic regime. With increasing temperature, the resistance becomes modified by electron-electron interaction and shows signatures of hydrodynamic viscosity effect. The kinetic equation approach is applied to describe the magnetoresistance of narrow electron channels in a wide range of parameters, from quasi-ballistic to hydrodynamic transport regimes, and the theoretical results are in a good agreement with the experimental data obtained in high-mobility channels of several micron width.
The talk contains a general overview of both hydrodynamic and kinetic approaches to the problem of magneto transport, with description of both underlying physics and theoretical methods, and a comparison of theory with experiment.

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Senha de acesso: 167083

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