MBE Calculator

     MBE Calculator is a spreadsheet which allows the user to estimate most parameters needed to grow samples by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). It was developed with Excel for the growth of III-arsenides but can also be used for any other materials (as long as their sticking coefficient is 1) by just substituting the chemical symbols in the alloys. At the moment, it allows the calculation of the composition and growth rates of binary or ternary alloys knowing only two out of four parameters.

     An extended version is being revised (will be released in September) and will allow to also calculate the flux (i.e., growth rate of the associated aresenide) or cell temperature of a group-III element from a calibration curve obtained by reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED).

    The final and most complete version of MBE Calculator (will be released in October) will also deal with dopants evaporated from a conventional effusion cell (Si) or directly from a heated filament (C). After providing a calibration curve of a dopant measured by Hall effect, the user will be able to find out the concentration of a dopant or to calculate the cell temperature (or filament current) of the dopant element in order to achieve a specific 3D doping, 2D doping (delta doping), or even the doping of Stranski-Krastanov and submonolayer QDs.

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