Optical Pump/ Optical Probe and Electronic Transport

Pump/probe experiments allow the study of the spin dynamics during carrier transport across materials with strong and electrically tunable spin-orbit interaction. Our optical pump / optical probe setup uses a picosecond Mira laser from Coherent, pumped by a solid-state Verdi also from Coherent, motorized mirrors to control pump-probe distance on the sample, motorized lenses to improve the focusing of the laser on the sample surface, a long mechanical delay line, and an Oxford Spectromag cryostat for magnetic fields up to 7 T and low temperatures down to 1.2 K. The detection consists of a polarization bridge with balanced photodiodes and both pump and probe are modulated (with photoelastic modulator and chopper) and locked-in two different amplifiers. The Spectromag cryostat can be also used for electronic transport measurements including illumination with microwaves.




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