Second School on Data Science and Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) concepts will drive critical changes in our society during the next decades. The cross-cutting character of ML tools can be used to attack a wide variety of problems that could improve our lives, for instance, designing solutions for medical diagnosis, providing smart assistance to the disabled and the elderly, and building solutions for public safety. The positive impact of these applications is expected to raise awareness on the subject and guide the creation of new public policies. For this reason, the training of people on the most advanced topics in ML is very important for the success and development of the area.
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The School on Data Science and Machine Learning has the goal of teaching participants about modern machine learning techniques, their strengths and shortcomings, and how to apply them in different contexts. The school is targeted particularly at senior PhD students, working towards the completion of their thesis projects, as well as young postdocs. Saiba mais...

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