IBA Setup

The Multi-use IBA setup is a standard NEC vacuum chamber purchased along with the accelerator. It consists of a scattering chamber with 43cm of internal diameter and 15cm of height for RBS/ERS/ERDA/NRA/PIXE and channeling analysis.

The IBA setup has two surface barrier detectors, one fixed at 170 degrees, and one mobile, from 30 to 160 (may be 170) degrees, and a Si (Li) X-ray detector. Samples are mounted on a mobile sample holder on goniometer with five degrees of freedom. Sample exchange can be performed through  a lod-lock with breaking the vacumm in the main chamber. Data acquisition is done by 918 and 919 Ortec multichannel buffers coupled to a personal microcomputer. RUMP or SIMNRA software is used to calculate and simulate RBS/EBS/ERDA/NRA spectra. A specially designed electrostatic shielding allows integrated charge collection be better than 0.5%.