The Laboratory for Material Analysis with Ion Beams

The Laboratory for Material Analysis with Ion Beams (LAMFI-USP) is a multiuser facility for the research and use of modern atomic-nuclear Ion Beam techniques, used in high sensitivity material analysis. The Laboratory operates an electrostatic Pelletron Tandem 5SDH electrostatic accelerator produced by the National Electrostatic Company, USA, with a maximum voltage of 1.7 MV, coupled to three beam lines that respectively feed the RBS / ERDA / NRA in vacuum analysis stations, an in vacuum PIXE analysis setup and an external beam setup, for in-air PIXE analysis and elemental imaging of large samples.
Created in 1992, LAMFI is an open laboratory, managed by a scientific committee with members of the Institute of Physics and of the Polytechnic School of USP. The laboratory is used by a large number of researchers and research groups, with results in several areas of knowledge, such as new materials, thin semiconductor or magnetic films, environmental research, atmospheric aerosols and air pollution, and for the analysis of objects of archaeologycal and artistical interest.
Analysis at LAMFI is free of charge for academic users. Its use can be requested through the form available in this page. LAMFI is maintained by the University of São Paulo and is supported by the FAPESP, CNPq, INCT, CAPES and FINEP development agencies. In your work with LAMFI results, do not forget to quote "LAMFI-USP" laboratory.