Data and processing

Spectra Portal

During the analysis the Laboratory generates an Analysis paper Form with relevant informations of the experiments. All spectra, including the calibration ones, and the accelerator conditions during the experiment (a unique feature introduced by LAMFI-USP for Data Quality Assurance) are recorded in LAMFI's Spectra Portal, which can be accessed by any user. Access ID and password should be asked by e-mail to

Access the Spectra Portal


Some softwares and utility programs for the processing, visualization and simulation of IBA spectra.


Shareware for Windows to simulate and analyze RBS/EBS/ERDA spectra. Original version can be found at


Sharewere for Windows, to simulate and analyze  RBS/EBS/ERDA in a friendly GUI interface. Original version can be found at


Freeware to create a multi-instance SIMNRA environment to simulate self-consitently several  RBS/EBS/ERDA spectra simultaneously looking for a unique solution of the sample. A new standard for elemental depth profiling. Program is available for download at


Feeware distributed by the IAEA for the analysis of PIXE spctra using DOS. Must be installed in the root of C:


Feeware distributed by the IAEA for the analysis of PIXE spctra using Windows. (the .spe files should have no space after the colon ":" sign. )


Freeware distributed by LAMFI-USP and written by Dr. Jim Aburaya to calculate a first order correction of a thick target PIXE analysis using the thin target calibration of a PIXE setup.


Freeware with the periodic table with relevant X-ray lines.


Freeware  for internal use. Calculates the MV of the accelerator for a given beam energy.


Feeware of Ziegler and Biersack for Monte Carlo simulation of ions in matter.


Freeware of NIST to interpolate extensive table of attenuation cross sections for photons from 1keV to 100GeV.