Scientists get photons to interact, taking a step towards long-living quantum memory

Scientists believe that individual light particles, or photons, are ideally suited for sending quantum information. Encoded with quantum data, they could literally transfer information at the speed of light. However, while photons would make for great carriers because of their speed, they don't like to interact with each other, making it difficult to achieve quantum entanglement

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An international research team from NUST MISIS, Russian Quantum Center, the Ioffe Institute St. Petersburg and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has obtained experimental evidence for effective interaction between microwave photons via superconductive qubits for the first time. The study, published in npj Quantum Materials, may be a step toward the implementation of a long-living quantum memory and the development of commercial quantum devices. Saiba mais...

Imagem: Sergey Gnuskov/ NUST MISIS