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Shear Deformation of Bridgmanite and Magnesiowustite Aggregates at Lower Mantle Conditions


Michel Lacerda Marcondes dos Santos

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rheological properties of the lower mantle have strong influence on the dynamics and evolution of Earth. By using the improved methods of quantitative deformation experiments at high pressures and temperatures, we deformed a mixture of bridgmanite and magnesiowüstite under the shallow lower mantle conditions.We conducted experiments up to about 100% strain at a strain rate of about 3×10−5 second−1. We found that bridgmanite is substantially stronger than magnesiowüstite and that magnesiowüstite largely accommodates the strain. Our results suggest that strain weakening and resultant shear localization likely occur in the lower mantle. This would explain the preservation of long-lived geochemical reservoirs and the lack of seismic anisotropy in the majority of the lower mantle except the boundary layers.